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Thread Veins No More

Summer’s firmly here, but if you suffer from thread veins, everyone’s favourite time of year can be a bit of a nightmare. Yet it needn’t be, as there’s a great deal that can be done to improve – and in many cases – completely remove unsightly red thread or spider veins so you’re more than prepared to bare. Ashley Pallett takes a closer look at the treatment and how it can help.

What is a thread vein and why do I get them?

Red thread veins – or ‘spider veins’ – are normal veins that have always been there, but over time, they’ve dilated to become visible.

Unfortunately, they’re usually cause by due to genetics, though be more common after pregnancy, and there are links to weight gain and smoking.

As we age thread veins also become more visible – this happens as skin becomes thinner, more fragile and more translucent.

Enough bad news, how do I get rid of them?

Treatment is very possible, and results are often dramatic. We use a method called Sclerotherapy, an injectable treatment. The veins are injected with a solution called a fibrovein that damages the internal lining of the vein and causes blood clotting. In time, the body heals the clotting, turning the vein into scar tissue, and fading from view. Brilliant, no?

What kind of results can I expect?

Sclerotherapy is effective. Studies1. suggest that as many as 50-80% of injected veins may be eliminated with each session of Sclerotherapy. Practically speaking, the ‘before and after pictures speak volumes – take a look at here.

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